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Just A Local With Big Dreams

Currently residing in South Salem Oregon with my husband Ryan and our fur animals, Romeo, and Tugger.  Marion County and the surrounding area is certainly home. 

Nearly 30 years ago my family began a flower shop here in the valley. Now decades later, the shop is still thriving, and I find myself still delivering smiles to the nearby communities.  Over these decades I have watched the Valley and Canyon transform into what it is today. Regardless of what changes, some things remain. That is the compassion we have for our neighbors, the desire to leave something better for the next generation, and the potential of this beautiful area. 

I grew up attending Auburn Elementary, Houck Middle School, and proceeded to graduate from North Salem High School. I am a product of the local school districts and went on to thrive and succeed at college. I obtained two bachelor’s degrees from Portland State University and am currently attending Oregon State University to obtain my master’s degree. 

Family is incredibly important to me as you can see from my photos. We like to spend time camping by the fire, enjoying hikes, and attend baseball games.  Most of them currently reside here in Marion County. They are the reason I am so passionate about running for an elected position. This is because I have parents nearing retirement, brothers and sisters starting their families like myself, or nieces and cousins who will soon start attending our schools. The future success and safety of this county and its communities is my top priority. 

I committed to advocating and supporting my County. My career for the past several years has focused on providing social assistance and public administration. I have obtained experience in areas such as employment and housing policy. Personally, I believe these are areas which Marion County can continue to focus on as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.  I would like the opportunity to lead these continued recovery efforts. 

I ask that you take the opportunity to get to know me further. Let us create a dialogue that is focused on establishing a better future for Marion County. Together, undivided, we can accomplish dreams and help make them a reality.

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